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on Monday, 12 December 2011.

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Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas:

"Your Art is incredible. You are extremely gifted."

Governor of Nevada Jim Gibbons after visiting my house-gallery:

"Alex, you are amazing Artist. You should teach people to paint in Oil."

emj777 on

"OMG I am in tears now I Love your paintings you make me speechless thankyou so much . Welcome to the famillyplese keep doing what you do . I Love them all God gave you a mission its time to shine . Love and hugs to you great Job wow!!!"

Oscar Goodman, Former Mayor of Las Vegas:

"Dear Alex: You are a genius and your work is unbelievable!"

Paula Francis, KLAS TV News Anchor Channel 8:

"You have so many wonderful paintings. I really like the way this new one is coming out; its beautiful even half-done” “You deserve all the accolades” After my meeting with our Mayor Carolyn Goodman exhibiting my Art , Paula Francis wrote: "I'm so happy for you! That's great. Wish it had been Channel 8 filming it, but maybe next time. You deserve this success. Wonderful! Soon you will need an agent!"

PLovely1pyt on

"Greetings Alex, You have a beautiful gift friend. I am so touched by your visions of our beloved MJ. Do you have a website so that I can see more?"

From Moonwalker4Life:

"HOLY CRAP your oil paintings are freakin unbelievable! I can't believe I MISSED it when they showed them on the news! You know what I can't believe even more? How your art has been featured on national TV and you only have like 3 friends! Well 4 counting me cuz I just added you as a buddy but you know? Still, LOVE your art, keep up the good work! MJ would be proud! ;D"

KTNV ABC Channel 13 ( Casey Smith and Liza Remillard –Anchors of Channel 13 Action News This Morning ):

"Some of his stuff is merely incredible and absolutely stunning. He is definitely a prodigy… He is incredible , such a beautiful work"

KLAS-TV Channel 8 News Now:

"He is good, very good…"

Lora Kalkman Special Assistant to the Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman:

"… On behalf of Mayor Goodman, thank you for sharing your lovely work with all of us…. The Mayor wanted me to write to tell you she LOVES the painting and thank you very much. You are such a prolific artist! Hopefully we will have a chance to visit your studio some time."

Jan Hogan Reporter-Summerlin South Newspaper:

"Awesome! … I like your pencil drawings as much as your paintings. You really capture people, the moment. Your paintings just blow me away!... … I have been showing everyone your pictures. Your Art is simply amazing. OMG. "

Mark Tope Columbus Entertainment Magazine:

"I received your pictures of the paintings. I must say they are wonderful!!!!"

Andreas Hale reporter Vegas Seven Magazine:

"This is really amazing Alex!!"

Sean Whaley the Reporter Nevada News Bureau:

"Your work is impressive."

Devlin Daneshforouz Constituent Services Manager Office of Senator Harry Reid:

"The portrait attach ( America In My Eyes ) is truly amazing piece"

Matt Kozar Reporter News 12 Connecticut:

"Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see some of your latest work. … Your Art is coming along beautifully. Fantastic work"

Bonnie Lamrock the Founder of Michael Jackson-Upbeat:

"I love the recent painting! You truly are amazing. I am always stunned when I see it. You’re very accurate and precise with your work. Your work is some of the best I’ve ever seen. ‘’… Alex, the painting is 1000 times sweeter in person! Wow!!!!!! I ‘m in love with it. I’m going to put it on the wall but I must keep the plastic on it because I’m afraid of it getting ruined with dust. I will save this forever. It’s absolutely beautiful. God Bless You my friend. "

Constituent Services:

"We truly enjoyed viewing your tribute to 9/11. It is a pleasure to know there are such a talented and passionate citizens in Nevada.( About the painting "United We Stand" )"

Jan Bennett the Teacher of Art:

"I had to open the picture of your painting again. I can’t stop looking at how wonderful it is looking. Its absolutely wonderful. Keep up."

Jan Bennett about my "Love" Art Piece for Mayor’s Office:

"Oh my God Alex. It brought tears to my eyes. It is absolutely amazing. I am sitting here crying, it’s so beautiful. They will be ecstatic when they receive this from you. Did you meet with Carolyn Goodman yet to present her with her painting or is that December 20th? There are no words to say how beautiful this is."

Elizabeth Hershkovitz:

"…soon your patriotic painting will be in the White House!! I have so much confidence in you!"

Nicholas Vohnson Writer at Sonic Electric Magazine:

"…very impressed by your work"

Evan Savar the Singer:

"Checked out your work, it’s great."

Mary Soarez Alvarez:

"If you drew those, you are very talented. Great work!( About the Painting "United We Stand" )"

Jim House:

"Alex Your paintings are great. My friend God Bless"

Sharavyn Pamplin Costumer:

"Alex, Out of all artist I like your style best"

Farah Pujuheshfar:

"We love you Alex. You are an amazing Artist. We feel very lucky to be able to enjoy and share your talent with others."

Marc Corinth:

"Wow… That is powerful stuff, Alex, but regardless of the interpretation… or my opinions… powerful. ( About the Painting "America Wake Up" )"

Ayereternal ( On Chuco Artist Network ):

"… to finish express oneself as fresh, delicate, balanced and enduring to say the least…"

forgotten. On Michael

"Your artwork is very beautiful. I hope someday to buy some of your special paintings of Michael. You have amazing talent that God has given you..... please share it with the world. I wish you much luck and success and please continue to paint. God Bless You and thank you for sharing this information with us. Mr Krasky - I am shocked that more people haven't commented on your wonderful post. Your paintings just blow me away. I hope more people will click and view and google your name. Thank you for sharing. I will look for your Michael Jackson works in the future. Hugs and Love to you. "

Iulia. On Michael (Romania):

"Absolutely wonderful.You definitely have talent Michael Jackson and Cirque Du Soleil Show i am sure it's going to be AMAZING but i don't know if i will ever have the chance to attend the show Many hugs from me"

AnneUKOn. Michael (United Kingdom):

"Alex, your art is wonderful. You have captured the essence of Michael perfectly. He would have loved your work.Your art needs a much larger audience than us on here. Good luck for a future as an artist, you have a God sent talent. Love Anne"

melektrik. Michael (Canada):

"Wow you are a great artist! thank you for sharing! It's amazing you are very talented!"

Rosa (Comments on my Website):

"You have a wonderful talent. I love your Art. Love from Spain."

Louise (Costumer from Australia):

"Your Paintings look wonderful, you truly are an artist. Truly remarkable, your talent is amazing. Will proudly show off the one's you are doing for us. Also, in the new year there is a friend and a fan who will want 2 paintings possibly large one's. I will give her your email address in the new year Your a true artist and cant wait to show everyone!"